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VIVA (magazine)

In my nightmares I still see them on that plane

The parents of Marieke Poelmann (27) left five years ago on their dream vacation to South Africa. On the way back their airplane crashed near Tripoli. Marieke wrote the book ‘Alles om jullie heen is er nog’ about her loss.


“Last year. I was cycling to Germany with my boyfriend. We were traveling by bike all the way from Amsterdam to Berlin. When we arrived at a campsite, I turned on my phone. Missed calls, WhatsApp-messages. ‘I’m thinking about you’ ‘This must be so hard for you.’ I had no idea what was going on and got this indefinable feeling in my stomach. It was July 17th 2014. An airplane crashed in Ukraine, an airplane with Dutch people. It felt as though I was thrown back in time, five years earlier. As I read the news on my phone, I told my boyfriend I had the feeling I knew somebody on board. What are the odds?”

This interview appeared in VIVA Magazine 28, July 8, 2014.