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EenVandaag (TV)

Marieke Poelmann is one of the speakers at the memorial service that takes place today in Nieuwegein. She feels very honored and hopes to give something to the friends and families of the MH17 victims. The parents of Marieke Poelmann died in the airplane crash in Tripoli five years ago. She recently wrote a book about her loss: ‘Alles om jullie heen is er nog‘.

She finished the speech she will deliver today a while ago. ‘The first part is about how I heard about MH17 and what that was like for me. After that, I explain how I changed my mindset in the weeks and months after my parents’ crash. At first, I felt lost no matter where I went. My parents were gone, I didn’t have a home anymore. That changed later on, as I realized I couldn’t lose my parents anymore. I always carry them with me. The emphasis of my speech is on the power to keep going because very slowly it will get better.’

Apart from the similarities, Marieke also sees big differences between the Tripoli crash and the MH17 disaster. ‘This is a disaster with heavy political consequences. It is much more extreme. Also, I noticed that families and friends of the MH17 victims are a lot more open than we were back then.’

The Dutch public current affairs program EenVandaag discusses how Marieke Poelmann deals with loss and grief five years later and talks about what she wishes to pass on to the people who lost their loved ones on board of MH17.

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